Monday, August 6, 2012

Baby Developmental Milestones

There are so many wonderful milestones parents get to experience in the first year of a baby's life.  Children grow so quickly in the first year and pass milestone after milestone faster than most parents would like.  If we're lucky we have a camera or video camera ready to capture these precious moments.  Each day we work with our children to prepare them for their next milestone and anxiously await the next phase in their development.

When our children so proudly succeed in their newest breakthrough, we as parents erupt with joy and content and then immediately long for the six week old cooing and needy infant we held in our arms just months earlier.  Do we fear the gradual independence of a growing child?  Do we selfishly long for the cute and loving dependence exuded from a newborn?  Or is it just the smell?

Perhaps it's none of this.  Perhaps its just enjoying the memories of your child as they grow and longing to relive the best ones.  And that is why being lucky enough to experience and sometimes capture on film/digitally these awesome milestones as they happen is cherished so deeply by the sentimental.

I would have no idea about any of this.

I have yet to experience a single milestone at its inaugural occurrence with the exceptions of phenomenal acts of excretion and/or regurgitation. 

Lets run through some great baby milestones and who was there to experience them.

Lifting of head - both of us because the baby was with us 24/7 for the first four weeks

Sitting up - Sarah

Sitting up on own - Sarah

Crawling - Sarah w/ video

Pulling up - Sarah

Cruising - Sarah

Power Poop - David

EDIT: Baby crawling up stairs - Grandma (just now while I was writing this)

Not only have I not been personally present for essentially all of the major milestones up until this point, but I have been to sole creator of milestone regression.  Recently I went to Montreal for a bachelor party.  I left on a Friday and returned on Sunday.  48 hours I was gone.  In that time Manni became so upset with my absence that she refused to pull herself up for a week.

Before I left she was standing constantly.  Pulling herself up everywhere, on chairs, tables, slick walls, pant legs.  Anywhere and everywhere.  She didn't just stand, she'd travel from one place to another using both legs, both directions and spinning without issue.

Once I returned...  nothing.  Just crawling.  If you attempted to 'help' her she immediately dropped into a split.  I was dumbfounded.  Google couldn't help me.  No one had ever reported on a baby going on strike.  I spent a week working through the 7 steps of grief and just when I was resigned to accept that'd she'd be crawling for the rest of her life, Manni pulled herself up, smiled at me and shuffled away (had on the table).  I'm surprised she didn't whisper "punk" as she scooted away.

Nothing like a baby showing stubbornness and insight before their first birthday.  Can't wait to see what I'm up against in this next year.

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