Friday, July 6, 2012

Baby Pool

 The barrette stayed in her hair for 3 more seconds of cuteness.

Parents spend an inordinate amount of time discussing, theorizing, reading about and stressing over sleeping habits and poop.  It may be because all parents are crazy, or perhaps its due to the fact that 80% of our lives are now dictated by baby sleep and poo.  Either way, prepare for more fun times in the battlefield of sleep and smell-fest of solid food baby poop.

I have to admit, guys spend a good amount of time discussing farts and bowel movements well before they have children.  I think we can all agree that the humor of farting is universal and timeless.  Long after the 3rd world war is over our children's children's children's children's children will be laughing at a funny 'toot' or a perfectly timed 'perp'.  And boys will still marvel and gloat over their most recent 'one wiper'.

Having a one wiper with an infant is akin to receiving a Christmas bonus.  Nothing is more elating than taking a recently soiled infant and completing the change almost instantaneously (and without having to change a pad, the wall, your shirt and pants, and sometimes take a bath in the sink).  An easy clean up is always a nice surprise.  On the other hand, a properly contained explosion that takes 4 or more wipes (a single wipe can be folded and reused up to 4 times itself) always befuddles me.  It's contained.  There was no blowout so how is there so much, so many places and why does it seem to multiply in front of my very eyes like Tribbles if Tribbles were multicolored poo.

Now that it's summer we will be spending a great amount of time at the shore playing in the ocean waves and at the pool swimming in the shallows.  This of course brings into play the dilemma of diapers in the pool and/or ocean.  No one wants to replay the classic "Caddyshack" scene at the local pool this summer and I'd prefer not to be labeled "That Dad" as I fish for floaters while an army of angry moms and kids burn a hole through my chest.  I promise if that happens I'll A) be confused why I'm at a public pool and B) pull a Bill Murray.  Promise.

To prevent a pool poop disaster we have purchased swim diapers like the rest of the child bearing world.  To add a wrinkle to the swim time we use cloth diapers (I'll have a full length in depth cloth diaper post up in the next few weeks.  I promise) and will be using cloth swim diapers.   I'm not overjoyed with the idea of testing the swim diaper in public but I've heard enough good things about them to ease my mind.  Or at least trick myself into a solid false sense of security.

 Blossom?  I don't understand you joke dad.

We decided to ease baby Manni into swim time with a back yard baby pool (no diaper needed!).  We quickly learned that Manni HATES the cold water.  She shrieks like a banshee and clutches onto your shirt in terror.  She has the grip of a power lifter and he little fingers dig into cloth and flesh.  The must be warmed by the sun before she'll ease herself in.  Unfortunately once you make the mistake of torturing her with a cold pool she no longer trusts anyone to place her in a more comfortable pool. 

 Back off woman dis water is cold!

Manya also became leery of the quite abundant green grass surrounding us all.  She wasn't a fan of the unusual texture on her feet or her butt.  That is until she realized she could rip it out of the ground and throw it all around.  The grass ripping distraction allowed us to gradually move her closer to the pool which led to splashing from outside which led to major splashing, which led to sitting in the pool.... and success!  

 Mushroom Pool = Amazing

 That's my robe

Measuring cups for pool toys?  Baby don't care, just make my spa water warm!

She loves the water but still gasps when water hits her face...

Don't you just love the mushroom pool?

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  1. I refuse to use Drymax diapers because my baby has such sensitive skin so I love that they still have a product without Drymax features. Simply the best kind of diapers on the market.