Saturday, April 7, 2012

Baby food, baby poop, and baby monitor fun

Poops officially stink. After seven and a half months of unpleasant textures and physics defying explosions, Manya poop has taken on a whole new dimension: smell. And by smell I mean stinky. Stinky smell goes hand in hand with solid foods. As you can (maybe) see here:

Not sure if the video worked...

We've had a little issues with Manya's willingness to attempt and accept the gum and swallow method. After numerous attempts she has gotten enough down to warrant a gas mask and goggles during diaper changes. Simply put, if I change a diaper with socks on, the elastic loses its elasticity.

The other bodily function that has progressed - or should I say recessed - is farting. The decibel level of baby farts was one of the most surprising things of newborns. Like a fog horn, a loud toot signaled to the entire block that a diaper needed to be changed. I feared the power fart was a quality unique to Manya and may last her entire life (yes I understand my brain has issues and my fears are dissimilar from any normal father) but once I heard the cacophony of noises other newborns make I was put at ease.

All of these progressions are due to the beginning stages of solid/pureed foods. The numerous techniques to get her to take a bite is a whole other story.

Have you ever while trying to show you baby how good a mouthful of pureed squash and breast milk can be, accidentally shoved a spoonful of pureed squash and BREAST MILK into your own mouth?!?!?!

Yea, me neither.

Ever made that mistake three times in one day?

Subject Change: Hey lets see a picture!

Cute ya think?

Where were we? Oh right, moving on...

Like most parents we like to spy on our child while she sleeps. The reasoning behind the spying may have something to do with being raised in the Reagan Administration but most parents seem to share the extreme paranoia we get when we can't see our child at all times. If a baby is making noise we complain that they need their rest. If a baby is silent, we're afraid they can't breathe. This insane paranoia increases ten fold if a child has a cold or a slight fever. It's illogical, it makes no sense but I swear especially during the first three months Manya was alive, I checked her breathing at least five times a night. Who am I kidding? I checked her breathing three times last night.

In order to hone down our paranoia, we gratefully accepted my Aunt and Uncle's offer to give us their Summer Infant Night Monitor which they used to spy on our child's namesake. Due to the fact that this particular monitor was used to spy on multiple generations of Manyas we have dubbed said device, "The Manya-nitor".

This is the Manya-nitor in action.

If there was ever a doubt as to whether or not the baby will be spoiled, this is where the baby goes during meals at grandma and grandpa's house.

Baby on a pedestal.

Just wait until she's able to say "G'ampa, I 'ant dose toos!" or "But G'ama, peez, I 'ant dat!" We're screwed.

Chillin in the couch

Monkey time on iPad


  1. It's true, all babies DO make those horrible noises. My four-month-old usually follows up with her BIGGEST smile.

  2. We love spying on baby Elad with the monitor...and it becomes particularly funny when he 'disappears' from the screen and then his head pops up right at the camera, as if the entire time he knew we were watching, awaiting an applause. He now must know that the device which has a green light on it is special because he really does stare straight at the camera, and even points at it, as if saying 'I know you are there watching me. No, I will not nap'.
    Cute pics :)

  3. Haha. I can imagine your face while looking at your baby's poop. But you can decode your baby's bowel movements thru his poop. Babies who are strictly formula-fed commonly produce light brown stools, while babies who eat solid food have dark poop. On the other hand, babies who have blackish green feces months after their birth might be an indication of intestine bleeding. If you notice that your kid has black tarry looking poop, call your pediatrician as soon as possible.

    (Chalice Lindgren)

    1. Great info Chalice. Thanks! We're all breast milk and solid foods here but will be on the phone in a second if I run into the not-so-good black-green. Thanks again.

  4. The most common frequency is 49 MHz, and if your neighbors also have little ones, there's a good chance that they're already using that frequency. While two monitors can use the same frequency, it may lead to you hearing other babies through your monitor.

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